De Martino Viejas Tinajas Moscatel
De Martino Viejas Tinajas Moscatel

Region: Chile, Itata
Grape variety: Muscat
Style: Orange Wine, Natural
ABV: 13%
Description: From the unique terroir of Itata. Farming is organic and horses are still used to plough. Powerfull grapey, musky aromatics with great depth and refreshing acidity.

5 out of 5
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Denavolo Dinavolino
Denavolo Dinavolino

Region: Italy – Emilia Romagna
Grape variety: Malvasia,Marsanne,Ortugo
Style: Orange Wine
Food pairing: Typical emilian salami, white meet, tortellini with herbs
ABV: 10.5%
Description: Organic, manual harvested. Grape bunches destemmed entirely, macerated in stainless steel for 4.5 months, indigenous yeast, no temperature control, matured in steel, no filtration, no fining. Apricots,cooked apples,orange blossom. Striking acidity and clean textured palate.

4 out of 5
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Pheasants Tears Rkatsiteli
Pheasants Tears Rkatsiteli

Region: Georgia
Grape variety: Rkatsiteli
Style: Orange wine, Organic
Food pairing: Roasted chicken, duck or quail.
ABV: 12.25%
Description: Georgia is home to around a fifth of the world wine grapes. It undergoes a natural fermentation with wild yeast in traditional qvevri. According to an old Georgian proverb, “Only a wine beyond measure could make a pheasant cry tears of joy”.


5 out of 5
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