Ampeleia Unlitro
Ampeleia Unlitro

Region: Italy,Tuscany
Grape variety: Alicante (Grenache),Carignan,Alicante Bouschet
Style: Red Wine, Natural
Food pairing: Ethnic foods,homemade coleslaw,summer soup.
ABV: 12.5%
Description: Alicante is the local (and confusing) name for Grenache, but this is unlike grenache as most of us know it – light and fruity, with a rustic, earthy core, it’s so easy drinking it’s as well it comes by the litre…

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Antonio Camillo Principio  Ciliegiolo
Antonio Camillo Principio Ciliegiolo

Region: Italy, Tuscany
Grape variety: Ciliegiolo
Style: Red Wine,Organic
Food pairing: charcuterie, italian salami.
ABV: 13%
Description: ‘Cilie’ means ‘cherries’, and if near relative Sangiovese has cherry notes, this is concentrated essence of black cherry. Light in body, deep in colour, bright and intense in flavour – wine to make you smile.

5 out of 5
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Arndorfer Gruner Veltliner Strassertal
Arndorfer Gruner Veltliner Strassertal

Region: Austria, Strassertal
Grape variety: Gruner Veltliner
Style: White Wine, Natural
Food pairing: Aperitif, seafood, asian food.
ABV: 12%
Description: A wonderfully refreshing and lively natural gruner. Great with South East Asian and other lightly spicy cuisines.

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Au P’tit Bonheur
Au P’tit Bonheur

Region: France, Ventoux
Grape variety: Cinsault
Style: Red Wine,Natural
Food pairing: Try it ligthly child
ABV: 10.5%
Description: A thoroughly surprising Rhone red, from the slopes of Mont Ventoux. 100% Cinsault, it’s gossamer light and fresh as strawberry ice cream, but with an earthy, mineral backbone and a hint of funk.

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Baglio Nero D’Avola
Baglio Nero D’Avola

Region: Italy, Sicily
Grape variety: Nero D’Avola
Style: Red Wine, Natural
Food pairing: Pizza & Pasta
ABV: 14%
Description:Full bodied with dense, dark fruit , rich spice and a robust earthiness. An instant favourite with us and our customers alike

5 out of 5
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Bellotti Bianco
Bellotti Bianco

Region: Italy, Piemonte
Grape variety: Cortese
Style: White wine
Food pairing: sea bass, mussels
ABV: 13.5%
Description: This is essentially a Gavi in its raw, natural state, offering a balance of creamy richness and fresh zesty citrus, apple and floral notes with hints of almond and walnut in the mix.

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Bernabe Navarro – Tragolargo – Monastrell
Bernabe Navarro – Tragolargo – Monastrell

Region: Spain, Alicante
Grape variety: Monastrell (Mourvedre)
Style: Red Wine, Natural
Food pairing: Winter soup,red meat
ABV: 14%
Description:Dense, fruity and complex with spicy, herbal notes of liquorice, juniper and red berries, lifted by fresh minerality.

5 out of 5
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Bernardi Prosecco
Bernardi Prosecco

Region: Italy, Veneto
Grape variety: Glera
Style: Sparkling
Food pairing: Aperitif,Fish, white meet
ABV: 11%
Description: To call this our ordinary prosecco is cruelly unfair. Zingy green apple and citrus notes contrast with candied fruit and hint of sherbert to give a much more complex and interesting glass of fizz than your average prosecco.

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Brezo White
Brezo White

Region: Spain, Bierzo
Grape variety: Godello, Dona Blanca
Style: White wine, Lutte Raisonee
Food pairing: Seafood
ABV: 12.5%
Description: Fantastic seafood friendly wine from Spain’s far North West, Crisp and superfresh with lush but subtle notes of tropical fruit.

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Butlers Gin
Butlers Gin

London, Hackney Wick
ABV: 40.0

Lemongrass and Cardamom are the featured botanicals here, and cardomom in particular is a flavour that needs handling judiciciously, but that’s precisely what Ross Butler has done. A subtle but utterly distinctive gin.

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