What is natural wine? 

Natural wine is made with organic grapes, involving a minimum of intervention between the time the grape is picked and the wine is bottled. Made with no fining nor filtration, no added sugars or heavy scientific manipulation, and without any additives (bar a minimal amount of sulphur dioxide), natural wine is a product that maintains the character of its vineyard – an honest, small batch, artisanal wine that mirrors our philosophy here at Yield N16. No high-tech machinery, no advanced chemistry, natural wine is about the craft, labor and love behind each bottle.

Wine is the only food and drink product for which it is not compulsory for producers to include a list of ingredients on the label – even mineral water has to break down its components. Despite this, according to EU law, European winemakers can use up to 200 additives during the making of their wine. Natural wine only has one additive – sulphur dioxide, a preservative and sometimes it doesn’t even have that: it is a pure expression of grapes, air and time.

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The elements of a natural wine:

Fermentation is with wild yeasts

No additives


No fining or filtering






What is Biodynamic wine? 

In the early 1920’s, pioneering Austrian philosopher, sociologist and educator Rudolf Steiner developed a holistic method of farming that combined organic treatments with a broader understanding of the world’s ecosystems. Biodynamic agriculture sees the vineyard as part of a system – an interconnected universe – in which harmony needs be struck. Steiner believed that celestial bodies, such as the sun, the moon and stars, influence the behavior and cultivation of living things and this has informed the evolution of biodynamism.

Biodynamics sees the farm in the context of the wider pattern of lunar and cosmic rhythms. In this holistic view, the soil is seen not simply as a substrate for plant growth, but as an organism in its own right. For the vintner, biodynamics encourages ingenuity. Focusing on the specific facts of place and circumstance that will effect growth, winegrowers drawn to this philosophy tend to be inventive types, always experimenting and refining their practices to see what works best, and exercising human rather than machine led vineyards.

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