Yield N16 is a wine shop and bar, serving organic, artisanal and locally sourced natural wines, craft beers, organic ales, charcuterie and cheeses.

The word “yield” dates back to middle English – meaning to “produce or provide” – and is often seated as a way in which to talk about the riches of the harvest. The land yields grapes; the soil bears its fruits; the earth is turned, toiled and worked and its produce laid out on the table.
Here at Yield N16 we want to get as close to the land as we can and bring something of that harvest to Newington Green.



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We take pride in the natural, the authentic, and the artisanal – serving cured meats, rustic cheeses and natural wines – to emulate the atmosphere of the farmhouse table or the country market.

We only work with small, independent providers who we trust and respect, and celebrate the hand-made, home-made and personal passion of the independent baker, brewer, butcher and vintner. We’re open seven days a week, running both a shop and a bar.
Why not come by and pause for a glass of wine, sample some of our delicious meats and cheeses, and see for yourself.